Press release May 14, 2019

West Central Fire Hall Memorandum of Understanding

PARKLAND COUNTY, AB – Parkland County Council and the Village of Wabamun Council have agreed to a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) outlining the terms and understanding for a new fire hall owned by Parkland County, located within the Village of Wabamun.

“This MOU is the result of a solid partnership between the County and the Village of Wabamun,” said Parkland County Mayor Rod Shaigec. “We are confident this location will be mutually beneficial for both the County and the village, and will serve both our residents for years to come.”

“Wabamun and Parkland County have a long history of working together and I am very pleased that we were able to negotiate a location within the village for the new fire hall,” said Wabamun’s Mayor Charlene Smylie. “For the past two years Village Council has been considering viable options for the arena as the facility is past its useful life. Emergency services are vital to the residents of our region and this makes the best use of that property. We hope to continue working with the county on multiple fronts to find collaborative opportunities that benefit the residents and visitors of both our communities.”

The identified land for construction is where the current arena and tennis courts are in Wabamun. This fire hall, once built, will replace the aging fire hall in Wabamun, which is at the end of its lifecycle. Construction is expected to begin in 2020 and last 18 months.

The MOU was approved by the Village of Wabamun Council on May 7, 2019 and approved by Parkland County Council on May 14, 2019.

Fire Hall MOU

We will posting background on the project and decision shortly and will provide project updates as they are made available,